2023: routebook – Krakow

Rider registration

Rider registration is mandatory for all riders.
On the live tracking page your tracker will only be activated, after you got your bag and cap at the registration.

  • Sunday 18.06.2023 / 16:00 – Krakow T2
    Rider’s meet up – come join us at T2! We invite all riders to come together to meet, talk about the route, share experiences, and enjoy a nice meal and drinks. We’ll also be showing some cool photos. The gathering starts at 16:00, and we really hope you can make it!
    T2, Targowa 2, 30-529 Kraków, Poland
    Coordinates: 50.0457809327744, 19.953607540831875
  • Monday 19.06.2023 / 15:00
    Riders registration meeting is mandatory
    You get the latest information about the route at the rider’s registration.

You have to bring (all documents need to be uploaded with the rider information form):

  • proof of insurance that you are covered for all the countries the route comes across for health and accident and to bring you back to your country of residence if necessary (copy of the policy or a confirmation)  If you need insurance, check this link: http://www.northcape-tarifa.com/insurance/
  • medical certificate that confirms that you are in shape for the 45SouthWest ride, not older than 12 month
  • signed rider agreement

You get:

  • rider backpack with stickers for your bike
  • rider cap with your number
  • Spot Gen3 if ordered

Group photo before the start

We meet 20.06.2023 / 04:10, 20 minutes before the start at the Main Square of the Old Town, ready to go, for a group photo.
Coordinates: 50.061384, 19.937925

Start in Krakow

The start is Tuesday 20.06.2023 / 04:30 at the Main Square of the Old Town. The time of tracking system starts running at 20.06.2023 / 04:30.

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