Why “45-SouthWest”

45 stands for a direction of the wind coming from North East. Ideally, we wish riders wind from North East for a little push along the route as you move South West from central Europe to the southernmost point on the European mainland.

A new adventure, a new story

The idea of the 45-SouthWest was born in 2018. At that time it was already clear that NorthCape-Tarifa is a dream adventure for many riders, however, due to the length which is 7400km many will not be able to submit for the challenge and show up at the start. Even for the fastest ones, racers need about four weeks to accomplish the course, including travel to the start and from the finish.

45-SouthWest is an alternative to the NorthCape-Tarifa, the plan was to create a route that is doable in 12-14 days.

This route is about 4300km long and includes many, not only flat but also remarkably fast stretches. Italy and Spain are as flat as possible, the goal is to be able to make the distance on these flat sections between climbs.

There are two things in common between 45-SouthWest, NorthCape-Tarifa, and Iberica-Traversa. One, they all cross the highest point on the route – Pico del Veleta. Two, they share the same finish point at the tuna statue in Tarifa. Besides those two control points, all routes are separate and individual creations. There are three alternative finishing points along the 45-SouthWest route: Nice, Pico del Veleta, and Tarifa.

45-SouthWest will go ahead every other year the same way as the Northape-Tarifa. We are excited that after years since the idea was born we can finally present the website with the route and checkpoints and announce the date for the inaugural start of the 45-SouthWest adventure: June 20th, 2023, at the Main Square in Krakow. The shortest night of the year.

45-SouthWest is organized by Transbike-Adventures.

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