Media license

The use of photo and film material created on the route and during the event for commercial purposes and for and from sponsors or any other company, is prohibited. For sponsored riders the media license is available.

When you take part in the 45-SouthWest, you sign the rider agreement, in which, amongst other things, you agree to give the commercial rights to any media produced during the event, to Transbike-Adventures Ltd. (the organising company of the 45-SouthWest). We can then license some of these rights back to you, with the media license. This means that if you plan to use the event to promote any commercial enterprise (if you are sponsored for example, even your own), you will need to pay the media license.

The main aim of introducing this is to make the entry fee fairer and more representative of what riders are getting from their participation. It will mean that sponsors who derive a benefit from a rider taking part in the event are charged for this, and allow us to keep entry fees as low as possible for true privateer riders.

With this media license, you are allowed for example to post photos taken during the event and mention or tag your sponsor (even your own).

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